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Luv this. :)

Luv this. :)



// Help!//

Can someone plz tell me how u make gifs? Like a link, or if u have a different way. :)

// Neyscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!//

Oscar: “Everyone likes Neymar. Here in our team, everyone likes everyone, but Neymar in specific, he is special. We would listen to him.” 


Neyscar is for EVERYONE! Lol.

Sometimes, I feel like Oscar wants to be friends with Neymar, more than Neymar wanting to be friends with Oscar. Cuz, in this video, Ney gets injured before the World Cup, and Oscar waits to make sure he is okay. But, when Ney gets up, he just walks away from Oscar, not even saying a word to him. Idk, maybe this is just me, I still love their friendship tho, but I think they were definitely a lot closer than they r now.

Oscar's wife did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

lorgolden said: For my imagine, can u plz change the name Lor to Y/N plz, I just want people to connect. And Also, can u make it to Anon, not Lor plz? Sorry, hope I'm not bothering u. :) and hope it's not too much work for u. Sorry again, and thanks. :)


I started writing it for you :). And no problem!! Aha ❤️ thank you for the notice babe

Ur welcome, ur really sweet

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